We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams from schools, organizations, churches, and companies, from all over the world who can visit Uganda and offer voluntary services in orphanages and childcare centers, youth and community projects in Uganda. Volunteer placements are both short-term (2 weeks – 3 months) and long-term (6-12 months), but can be longer, or shorter depending on the volunteer’s time frame, and are organized throughout the year. However, to achieve maximum impact, volunteer teams work in pre-planned and pre-selected projects that normally last for two weeks (10-14 days), averaging about 7-8 hours of work each day for 10-14 days


Volunteer Placements

Volunteer placements can be short-term (2 weeks – 6 months) or long-term (7 months-3 years), but can even be longer, depending on the volunteer’s time frame, and are organized throughout the year. Placements are in orphanages in Kampala city, and projects include working in Orphanages and children’s homes, schools, local hospitals, and community projects.
During this period, volunteers help with caring for the children at the orphanages, teach at orphan schools, help with building projects, organize out-of-school kids programs, hold community outreach medical clinics, and conduct counseling sessions with children, youth and women affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS.


Why Volunteer with Travel To Teach
We always need more volunteers to help in orphanages home and youth community projects in Uganda. Not only is it a great chance to give something back, but it is an opportunity to learn more about the country and how people live in Uganda, challenges orphaned children go through and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of these children. It’s a welcoming atmosphere over here with lots of people of all ages donating their time and skills to help do something really worthwhile! You don’t need any experience or special skills – just love and passion to help, a good attitude and lots of energy!


Volunteer Roles
We are looking for people with an interest in helping out in the following:


• Working in Orphanages:
Once the team arrives in Uganda, volunteers help with providing care for children, organizing sporting activities, music dance and drama programs, teach in an orphan school, teach computer skills ICT skills training center, provide counseling for the youth or help in a community project, working alongside locals.


• Medical Outreaches:
• Medical volunteers help provide routine medical checkups and treatment for the children at the orphanage, work alongside local medical personnel in a local hospital or health clinic, conduct community health outreach clinics, conduct counseling sessions with children, youth and women affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS.


• Education Department:
– To fight illiteracy, ignorance and poverty.
– Assist orphans, street children, disabled and needy people.
– Promote and support youth emancipation and gender balance in society.
– Solicit funds for bursaries and sponsorships of educationally able but financially handicapped students.
– Encourage, support and promote child to child activities in schools and at home.
– Facilitate learning by providing learning aids like educative films, videos shows, slides, magazines , pamphlets, books and newsletters, etc.
• Child Welfare Department:

The child Welfare Department coordinates all activities related to the total needs of the children. Areas of emphasis include caring for the needs of children, cover educational sponsorship, primary health care, medical welfare, family support.


• Youth Emancipation:
Train and equip the youth with knowledge and skills in homes and community management. Sensitive them on their roles and responsibilities in community and at home in particular sensitize the youth about their rights in community.Sensitize and assist them on starting income generating activities to eradicate poverty in homes, society and the country at large.


• Empowerment Programs:
Families are unable to absorb the expense of caring for another child. Many times, the widow whose husband has died of AIDS has no marketable skills. Wind of victory assists caregivers and foster family siblings with practical skills to enable them to support themselves and care for their children.



Before you Travel
Make sure you have a valid travel document: Valid Passport and valid Ugandan visa, from the Ugandan consulate in your country (although you can also get visa, upon arrival at the Entebbe Airport. You will also need enough change of clothing (mainly warm weather clothes), working shoes, gloves, hiking shoes, and personal hygiene kit


Our ground arrangements are as follows:
• We make booking reservations with the appropriate guest houses and/or make arrangements for an appropriate accommodation facility for you prior to your arrival and upon getting confirmation from you.
• We make ground transport arrangements and our welcome team meets you at Entebbe Airport upon arrival.
• We make arrangements for a cab, van or bus to transport you and your luggage from the airport to the guest house.
• We do take care of any other matters that you may need.
• We can also arrange budget safari tours if you also want to explore other parts of Uganda before returning back home.


Health Matters
Although medical facilities are readily available here, we recommend that you get all the necessary vaccination (Malaria, TB, Yellow fever, etc,) ahead of your travel. In addition, pack any and all necessary off-the-counter medical supplies as you may need. A couple packs of mosquito repellents, sun-burn creams, etc, will be handy. And any other personal effects will be wise. This does not mean that we expect you to fall sick (we pray and trust you won’t) but just in case, considering the change of environment and weather, prevention is always far better than cure.



Included in our volunteer program
• Airport Transfer: Pickup and drop off at Entebbe Airport, a shuttle bus or van will transport you and your luggage from/to the airport to your accommodation in Kampala.

• Accommodation: Depending on your budget for your time as a volunteer, we can make arrangements of guesthouse, shared accommodation or, in special cases, living in a Ugandan family. The cost for accommodation depends on the length of your stay and choice of standard.

• Day tour in Kampala: We show you around in town, as well as the most interesting places to visit in Kampala.
When this option is chosen, there is need to also include a budget for bedding, utensils, some furniture, etc, especially when you are staying for 3-months or more. These items can then be donated to the orphanage at the end of your time in Uganda.

• Meals: Meals in local restaurants range from $3-$10, including beverages, depending on location and the kind of meals ordered. When you are living in your own rented house, it is cheaper and more cost effective to purchase food stuff in bulk from stores and the open market and prepare meals at home rather than eating out in restaurants. In this way, you can only plan to eat out once in a while.

• Ground transport: Daily transport is by public means using 14-seater minibuses that transport people back and forth from one part of the city to another. Normal daily within the city transport by public means is about $2 round trip, but can be less or more depending on where one is going. Traveling long distances to the countryside usually costs more depending on the distance, but ranges from $5-$10. There are also cars for hire (salon cars) commonly known here as “Special Hire Taxis”, which one can hire at a fee. This costs from $10-$20, in and around Kampala, and more when traveling long distances, say to the countryside. The other means of transportation which is readily available here is the Motorbikes, (commonly known as ‘Boda-boda’), which are used as single-passenger quick means of transportation. This provides a quick means of getting to places where the minibuses normally don’t reach or when traffic jam is too much. This costs from $2.5-$5 depending on the distance. Otherwise most of the movements will be on foot within short distances.

• Internet and Phone Communication: Public Internet Cafés are readily available in almost every corner of the city, at a small fee. Thus you can keep up communication with your family and friends back home, and to keep your people back home updated on how you are progressing in your volunteer project. Cell phones are another major communications media here. New and used cell-phones are readily available at reasonable cost. You can also choose to bring your blackberry or iPhone along with you or any other cell phone. Only make sure it is Dual Band or GSM card phones that is network free and can pick any network.

• Sight Seeing: Available sites include: Source of the Nile River & Bujjagali Falls (Jinja), Martyrs Shrine (Kampala), Ndeere Cultural Center (Kampala), Sipi Falls, (Mbale), The Equator in the South, Murchison Falls National Park (Masindi), among others… There is different entrance fees charge at each of these sites, ranging from $5-$10, except for Murchison Falls where the entrance fee is $40.



We offer volunteering for everyone:

• Missions teams: church groups, music groups, youth groups, outreach teams.
• Medical teams: doctors, dentists, nurses, paramedics, medical students.
• Social workers/counselors, school teachers.
• School, college and university students/groups.
• Sports groups, sports coaches.
• Computer ICT teachers, programmers, web & multimedia developers.
• College & university students.
• Corporate groups: accountants, fundraisers & support development personnel.
• Families.
• Individuals

Please contact us for more information about how we can design your volunteer period in Uganda so you get value for your time spent in the Pearl of Africa!