“After taking a vacation back home in Sweden, I visited Kajjansi Home of Orphanage and I shared with them a couple of things I brought back from my home. I feel I don’t want to stop helping because I feel this is what am made me for.”;
Anna Erlandsdotter – Sweden


“When Uganda was celebrating 50 years, I decided to take a moment with the under privileged children away from Kampala and shared a little I had with them and this was a great moment and can’t wait to do it over and over again.”
Kibuuka Emmy – Uganda

“It’s unbelievably rewarding to spend my days with the children at Akiba. Despite their difficult disease cancer, they show incredible joy and happiness. They are constantly cheerful and full of life. It warms my heart that I had the opportunity to play, laugh, comfort and teach these children. Every day they make me a better person.”
Malin Lundgren – Sweden


Seeing these children suffering, I decided to take a step towards helping them out not because I have a lot that I want to give out, but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing and i really believe if we come together we can make a turning point in their lives.”
Bukenya Hafiq – Uganda


“There is nothing in Happiness if you can’t share it, reaching out to the less fortunate is the greatest thing you can ever do in your life. Be the change you need to see in this World.”
Katende PeterClever – Uganda